RCA (Rotating Cross-Arm) Trellis System

The RCA System is the ultimate system for commercial blackberry operations. It’s built to last and it’s built for success. The unique rotating cross-arm design and cane training processes of the RCA System:

  • Increase yields
  • Allow an open canopy for more sun and air movement
  • Reduce the risk of sun scorching and overheating
  • Protect canes from winter temperatures and winds
  • Position the fruit on one side of the canopy, reducing harvest labor by 33% or more

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The RCA System includes not only the unique trellising hardware, but more importantly includes continual guidance for becoming a productive, profitable blackberry grower. The system’s multiple positions allow for easy adjustments during the growing season to maximize yield, reduce harvest labor time and protect canes during winter weather. Ordering Information

Growing & Harvesting Position

In the Growing/Harvesting position, the berries are on the sun-protected side of the canopy — the perfect position for harvesting.

Wintering Position

In the Winter/Spring position, the canes are protected from the wind and winter cold and are positioned to set shoots on the upper side of the canopy.

Horizontal Option Position

In the Bud Break (Horizontal) position, the canes are slightly off the ground to encourage air circulation, as well as shoot and flower development on the upper side of the canopy.