AV (Adjustable V) Trellis System

Primocane and floricane fruiting raspberries never had it so good. The AV

Trellis System improves positioning to optimize growing conditions and yields. Durable and easy to operate, this trellis system:

  • Increases yields
  • Allows an open canopy for more sun and air movement and increased photosynthesis
  • Allows for closer row spacing for optimal use of space in greenhouses and high tunnels
  • Closed position offers greater access for maintenance and harvesting
  • Wide base for either 18″ or 24″ row widths
  • Works simply and effectively in open fields, greenhouses or tunnels

The AV Trellis System includes all hardware and installation instructions, with cane training and canopy management instructions also available. With good management practices and the appropriate cultivar, the system can generate primocane harvesting that lasts for more than four consecutive months. Ordering Information.

The dynamic characteristics of
the AV Trellis System allow for
movement of the trellis arms and trellis
wires for easier access to the fruit.

Open Position

Closed Position