Jun 26
Blackberries Thriving in Arkansas!

Arkansas blackberry growers are in store for a good year.  

Mar 27
Growers in the News: Bruce Van Natta

Fruit Farmer: Bruce Van Natta reaps benefits from Westfield blackberry farm

Mar 15
Trellis Growing Systems Launches New Online Webstore!

Trellis Growing Systems is excited to announce the launch of an online webstore for the sale of trellising and supplies to commercial growers, hobbyists, and homeowners. The webstore will be especially focused for backyard produce growers who are interested in growing blackberries and raspberries in an intensive and more productive way. However, requests for commercial […]

Aug 20
Fast Food’s Big Challenge: Fresh Ingredients

Check out this article about the supply and demand for blackberries.

Dec 4
The New York Times: Americans Are Eating a Lot More Berries. Here’s Why.

An interesting look at how the supply side affects our choices.