What You Get When You Work With TGS

  • Site selection and planning preparation
  • Plant selection
  • Oversight and assistance of system installation and setup
  • Multiple advisory site visits per year targeting the following:
    – Start-up instructions and demonstrations
    – Routine plant inspections to optimize health and vitality
    – Consulting with personnel to ensure implementation of best growing practices
  • Availability for your questions or requests for information
  • Guaranteed sale of 100% of your fresh market-quality berries
  • Market knowledge
  • Facilitate “H2A” assistance for general and harvesting labor
  • Long-term commitment to your success

TGS Ag Advisor Service

During the first year, TGS representatives are with you every step of the way from plant selection to marketing. In the second year and thereafter, a TGS advisor will visit your operation multiple times each year for demonstrations, inspections and more.

TGS representatives will inspect your planting and related facilities and offer advice covering every aspect of your blackberry growing operation, from planting to marketing.